Please note - we aim to have at least three crafts demonstrated each day we are open, but this is dependent on the schedules of independent craftspeople and volunteers. If planning a special visit and you would like to see a specific craft, please contact us in advance of your visit, or use the links below to enquire direct.

Amberley Museum Blacksmith
Amberley Museum Woodturners
Amberley Museum Pottery




The Woodturners Workshop at Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre is operated by members from the West Sussex Woodturners Club where they demonstrate the craft of woodturning, on electric lathes, and answer any questions posed by visitors about the craft. At regular intervals throughout the year the museum arranges children's activities days.  On these days (normally Wednesdays during school holidays and the Christmas Santa Fun Days) the woodturners help children to turn a wooden toy which they can then decorate.

Menear Ceramics are Potters in residence at the Pottery, Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre. Menear Ceramics are Keith and Debbie Menear who make individual contemporary hand-made earthenware, stoneware, porcelain and raku pottery. Each item is handcrafted and decorated with bespoke glazes to give a unique one-off piece of work unavailable anywhere else.

Chalk Pit Forge in Amberley, West Sussex has been run by Alex Smith since 2008. Alex has a BA as an Artist blacksmith and has been a blacksmith since 1998. "Being a blacksmith allows you to make anything, from tools to staircases. Alex is available for projects small and large and for personal lessons in blacksmithing. Please give Alex a call or get in touch via the website below.

Amberley Museum Walking stick maker
Amberley Museum Besom Broom maker
Amberley Museum Greenwood Village

Walking Stick Makers

Broom Maker

Greenwood Village

A workshop where walking stick makers occasionally demonstrate this craft and have items for sale.

A workshop where the traditional craft of making besom brooms is occasionally demonstrated..

A setting showing how people used to live and work with wood. Traditional craftspeople demonstrate such as the pole lathe demonstrators, hurdle makers and stone masons.

Amberley Museum Forest Knights
Amberley Museum Printshop
Amberley Museum Wheelwrights

Forest Knights

Print Workshop


Wilderness skills, bow making and bush craft are occasionally demonstrated.

This building originally part of a stable block now houses historic printing equipment. Items printed at the Museum are for sale.

The Wheelwrights' shop was the premises of Spooner and Gordon and moved here from its original site in Horsham. Cartwheels at different stages of construction are displayed with tools of the trade.

Amberley Museum Woodyard
Amberley Museum TATHS



The main exhibit in the timber yard is the steam crane. Also in this area are saw benches and other machinery used in a typical timber yard.

TATHS exists to further the understanding of hand tools and their use.  The exhibition represents a range of trades from cabinet maker to silversmith. Occasional practical demonstrations are provided.