Museum Explorer Days
In 2018 we will be hosting Museum Explorer days on selected Wednesday's throughout the season. 

The sessions are for all ages, and will run from 10.30am until 3.30pm.
Each Wednesday we will be looking at a different area of the Museum to explore. 
  1. Wednesday 14th February
    Wednesday 14th February
    Let's Explore Chalk Learn about the history from the days of chalk quarry at the Museum. Make something creative with chalk. Pick up your Explorer Passport to collect your stamps throughout the 2018 season.
  2. Wednesday 4th April
    Wednesday 4th April
    Let's Explore Connected Earth
  3. Wednesday 11th April
    Wednesday 11th April
    Let's Explore the Paviours
  4. Wednesday 30th May
    Wednesday 30th May
    Let's Explore Our Stationary Engines
  5. Wednesday 1st August
    Wednesday 1st August
    Let's Explore the buses
  6. Wednesday 8th August
    Wednesday 8th August
    Let's Explore the Electricity Hall
  7. Wednesday 15th August
    Wednesday 15th August
    Let's Explore the Tv's and Radio's
  8. Wednesday 22nd August
    Wednesday 22nd August
    Let's Explore the trains
  9. Wednesday 29th August
    Wednesday 29th August
    Let's Explore the fire engines
  10. Wednesday 24th October
    Wednesday 24th October
    Let's Explore the crafts in the Museum