Planning Your Visit
More Tranquil Days
To enjoy the Exhibition Halls and Woodside Trails without high activity levels and crowds.
Typically Thursday to Saturday, except School Holidays and Event Saturdays.
Rides on a Classic Bus and the Railway normally available 11 until 4. The Print Shop will be open and one or two of the other trades such as the Pottery, Blacksmith etc.

Busier Days

Most Wednesdays, School Holidays and smaller event days when more craftspeople will be on site and it will be more crowded.


High Activity Days
Event Saturdays and Sundays, particularly motoring and rail related events.
On these days there are usually large crowds and most halls are manned and many craftspeople are on site.
Amberley is a Museum for the whole family. Our visitor breakdown includes school parties, tour groups, day visitors, Members and exhibitors enabling us to provide an education on the history of industry in our area, so the young can discover and others remember.
Pick up our 2018 leaflet for more information about opening dates and events.