Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre is set in a 36 acre site in the South Downs National Park.
Dedicated to the industrial heritage of the South East, exhibits include a narrow-gauge railway and bus service (both provide free nostalgic travel around the site), Connected Earth Telecommunications Hall, Milne Electricity Hall, Printing Workshop and much more.
The Museum is also home to traditional craftspeople,
such as the blacksmith and potter.

  1. Collections
    Exhibition Halls include a Print Shop, Fire, Bus and Rail Halls, Radio, Electricity, Telecoms and Roadmaking
  2. Village Green
    Village Green
    The first area reached on entering the Museum, with a representative 1950s feel
  3. Polelathe Turning
    Polelathe Turning
    On Event & other days, in the Greenwood Village
  4. Vintage Bus Rides
    Vintage Bus Rides
    Offering free transport around the site.
  5. Narrow Gauge Railway
    Narrow Gauge Railway
    Free transport on the train, with three stations along the way. Look out for our rail steam days.